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If you’re reading this, you’ve stumbled upon a VERY work in progress blog of mine (either that or I was dumb enough to throw links everywhere like I usually do). There’s no header and I don’t have an avatar yet, but those are being worked on soon (thanks, Timber-K!). More on that later.

In the future, what you’ll mostly see me post about here can be chopped up to the following:

1. Politics

I will be making a TON of posts about politics–Canadian, American, hell, even Iranian. Although I live in Canada, this doesn’t stop me form having something to say on world politics, and I will very often be bitching about it and citing bullshit I find in news sources such as FOX (hahahahaha FOX “News,” you’re funny), Crisis News Networ–oops, I mean CNN, as well as arguably more credible sources such as RT and Al Jazeera English. Do note I will mostly be picking apart articles and bitching about them until the cows come home.

In case anyone’s wondering, I am a very liberal-leaning person, and a member of the Facebook group CRUSH, or Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper, for the acronym haters out there. The reason for this is that Conservative/Republican policies don’t agree with me, as well as the fact that Stephen Joseph Harper is literally Canada’s George Bush Jr., right down to basically working for Big Oil. Not that I’m surprised by that at all; after all, Conservative policy favors big business above the population.

2. Internet policy

This is a big hot-button issue for me, given I was pretty much raised on the Internet. As such, I will be making a fair amount of posts on topics to do with the Internet; usage-based billing, net neutrality, vertical integration of ISPs, corporate mergers… You name it, I’ll be writing about it. Especially living in Canada, a market totally dominated by two (!) nationwide telecoms and four nationwide cable companies.

Most of this will be me pulling Bell or Rogers over the coals, as they’re the most notoriously anti-consumer companies in Canada, though you’ll probably see me bitching about Comcast down Stateside as well.

3. Music

I’m a musician (not very good, mind) and music lover at heart, so these sorts of posts will be taking up a fair amount of database space as well. From metal to pop; country to electro, and everything in between, I’ll write about them all, and possibly sling mud at them. Nothing is sacred when it comes to what I write, and nothing ever will be sacred. That’s just me for you.

I’ll also be linking to downloads of my latest tracks on this blog, though that’ll be a while coming considering my workstation machine is out of action completely and I’m being forced to build a new one. Shit. Oh well.

4. Gaming

This wasn’t mentioned in the site tagline, but who cares. I’ll be making posts about the world of gaming, such as why Nintendo isn’t DOOOOOOOOOOMED or why x publisher sucks, et cetera, et cetera. Don’t like the fact that I’m slamming Call of Duty or Halo at times? Leave. You came here of your own volition and you can leave that way too. The door is right there.

Of course, I also like a lot of games, so I’ll be posting a fair bit of praise too.

5. Furries

If you follow me anywhere else on the Internet, you’d notice I’m one of these. However, I’m one of the more jaded and cynical ones. I’ll be posting about the bullshit coming from that side of the Internet a fair bit here too.


In addition, you’ll occasionally see me blog about projects such as CowCraft, ZEJ, or the Manaverse Wiki. there’s interesting information in those posts most of the time, so feel free to read them!

For now, I’m out.


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