Currently listening to some of the Mario Kart 8 soundtrack on BCM, and I’m curious how Nintendo keeps managing to one-up (hehehe, terrible puns are my specialty) themselves over and over and over with their music. Aside from the fact that Mario Kart 8 is a Wii U system seller (gee Nintendo games sure are good at being those aren’t they?), and that its graphics, from what I’ve seen on YouTube, are far from being inferior to well, anything (and the game runs at 60FPS to boot, or so I’ve heard), the music is just plain amazing. The one I’m listening to at the moment–Cloudtop Cruise–manages to take one of the best tracks from the Mario Galaxy duology and make it many, many times better than its source–the Gusty Garden Galaxy theme. I have no idea how Nintendo managed to pull this off, but they did, and it’s just amazing to listen to.

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Gonna be a short post, but if you’d scroll up to the top of the page (and maybe CTRL-F5), you’d notice that there’s an actual logo graphic there now. That, along with the new shortcut icon, was a result of me abusing the eraser tool in Photoshop. Woo!


So, polls have closed here in Ontario for the election that NDP leader Andrea Horwath forced (and summarily lost) by defeating the proposed Liberal budget. She and Tim Hudak’s PCs basically sealed their fates by defeating a good provincial budget with huge set0asides for public transit and adhering to a platform that literally nobody wanted, respectively. And guess what? According to the latest numbers, provided by the Globe in the handy-dandy Twitter link at the top of this post, they shot themselves in the foot and… allowed a Liberal majority to form. Good job, NDP and PC!


Latest numbers pin the Liberals at 58 seats (majority mandate here in Ontario requires 54), the PCs at 28 and the NDP at 21. Good riddance, fascist Conservatives.



Therrien showed some teeth when he told MPs last week that the cyberbullying bill should be split in two​​ — in effect siding with the opposition parties and a growing list of privacy experts who have urged the government to hive off the surveillance-related provisions in the bill into a separate piece of legislation.


Conservative MP Kyle Seeback said “transmission data is actually a very narrow snippet of metadata.”

“Would you not agree with that or or do you disagree with the police?” he asked Therrien.

“All these people are saying we need this,” Seeback said.

Therrien said transmission data is more than just information one finds in an old phone book.

“It has information about location of individuals, sites being consulted, several types of information that are well beyond what was found in phone books. That, I do think, is personal data and deserves higher protection,” he told MPs on the committee.

This is definitely a very good thing, especially for CRUSH members who were initially quite skeptical of Therrien’s appointment directly from Harper’s inner circle. It shows that some CPC members (Mayrand being a good example) still value integrity and very much still have the spine to stand up to Harper’s bullying.

For those in- or outside Canada who aren’t fully aware of the ramifications of Bill C-13, under it, any organisation or individual with ties to any level of government would essentially be able to access your personal data and communications metadata without a warrant, so it’s fairly obvious why many privacy experts, opposition MPs and even some CPC MPs like Therrien are against the provisions in Bill C-13.


This is going to be a relatively short post, however that doesn’t mean it’s without substance. It’s going to be more or less meant to showcase some art I commissioned from Timber-K over at FA (link possibly NSFW due to community ads, but what sane Internet user doesn’t use adblock?). It’s of my “fursona,” I guess you could call it, because after all, I’m a member of what’s possibly the most hated community on the Internet. Boggles my mind how bronies are considered acceptable though. Double standards, away! Continue reading