This is going to be a relatively short post, however that doesn’t mean it’s without substance. It’s going to be more or less meant to showcase some art I commissioned from Timber-K over at FA (link possibly NSFW due to community ads, but what sane Internet user doesn’t use adblock?). It’s of my “fursona,” I guess you could call it, because after all, I’m a member of what’s possibly the most hated community on the Internet. Boggles my mind how bronies are considered acceptable though. Double standards, away!

Aaanyway, a while back I had said that I was awaiting art for a logo and some other things. Well, that arrived just under a week ago, and includes an icon (or avatar), which will be seen on ALL author comments on the blog, as well as this handsome full-body shot which I plan to use for the category images:



This will go on a new page I plan on creating, as well as all of my other character art that I get.

Well, that’s the end of this post. Chau pe!

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