Stephen Harper’s Conservatives Want To Cut $36-billion From YOUR Public Health Care


Today, the Harper Conservatives had their first chance to make major changes to Canada’s health care since getting a majority government, and they launched a brutal sneak attack.

They just sabotaged the Health Accord that protects equal care for all Canadians, and they’re cutting your public health funding by $36 billion over the next 10 years.1 2 It’s the start of Harper’s long-term plan to destroy our public health care system, and we have to stop it. The Canada Health Accord is the deal between the federal government and the provinces that ensures proper funding, equal access, and high standards for the health care we all rely on.3

Prime Minister Harper has always wanted to replace public care with an American-style for-profit system. He made his career by leading the National Citizen’s Coalition, an organization founded by a wealthy insurance broker determined to destroy Canada’s medicare.4

But here’s the thing – he knows that 94% of Canadians, including most conservatives, support national public health care.5 That’s why he’s trying to sabotage the system quietly by cutting $36 billion over 10 years and breaking the pact that all Canadians should get equal care, no matter what province you live in.6  

By pulling out of the agreement, cutting billions in transfers, and letting standards fall across the country, Prime Minister Harper will undermine our public health system. If he succeeds, cash-starved provinces will face intense pressure to let America’s titanic for-profit companies buy into our system and give us worse care for higher prices.7

Harper knows that if Canadians learn about this, he could lose the next election. We need to raise the alarm, right now, before the worst damage is done to force this government to make a new deal.


First, let me preface this by saying that yes, I am a liberal blogger, and yes, if you are a hardcore Harperite, you should fuck right off back to SUN News, as you’re not welcome here.

With that out of the way, we need to stop this. Right now. No ifs, ands or buts. This is a travesty of a proposal that will have guaranteed disastrous results, especially for people in provinces with financial issues such as myself in ON. Harper knows full well this will largely affect the mideast provinces and the Maritimes, since he is of the opinion that the east is a cesspool of welfare bums and—-GASP—-Liberal/NDP voters. I’ve got news for you, Harper; I sent this to an Anon-affiliated Twitter account, so word will spread. Fast. This will NOT go unnoticed. Prepare to lose the next election even with your UNfair Elections Act.

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