This is going to be a relatively short post, however that doesn’t mean it’s without substance. It’s going to be more or less meant to showcase some art I commissioned from Timber-K over at FA (link possibly NSFW due to community ads, but what sane Internet user doesn’t use adblock?). It’s of my “fursona,” I guess you could call it, because after all, I’m a member of what’s possibly the most hated community on the Internet. Boggles my mind how bronies are considered acceptable though. Double standards, away! Continue reading


If you’re reading this, you’ve stumbled upon a VERY work in progress blog of mine (either that or I was dumb enough to throw links everywhere like I usually do). There’s no header and I don’t have an avatar yet, but those are being worked on soon (thanks, Timber-K!). More on that later.

In the future, what you’ll mostly see me post about here can be chopped up to the following:

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