Currently listening to some of the Mario Kart 8 soundtrack on BCM, and I’m curious how Nintendo keeps managing to one-up (hehehe, terrible puns are my specialty) themselves over and over and over with their music. Aside from the fact that Mario Kart 8 is a Wii U system seller (gee Nintendo games sure are good at being those aren’t they?), and that its graphics, from what I’ve seen on YouTube, are far from being inferior to well, anything (and the game runs at 60FPS to boot, or so I’ve heard), the music is just plain amazing. The one I’m listening to at the moment–Cloudtop Cruise–manages to take one of the best tracks from the Mario Galaxy duology and make it many, many times better than its source–the Gusty Garden Galaxy theme. I have no idea how Nintendo managed to pull this off, but they did, and it’s just amazing to listen to.

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